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Gooseberry, scientifically known as Ribes uva- cripa, is a part of genus Ribes and Grossulariaceae family. Gooseberry subgenus contains a variety of species such as Cape gooseberry or Chinese gooseberry. The gooseberry is a sprawling shrub growing to 1-3 m tall with bell-shaped greenish to purple flowers; the roots are shallow, fine and easily damaged by frequent cultivation. The gooseberry fruit is a small berry which contains numerous seeds inside and it can have a green, purple, yellow or pink to purple color. There are two diverse type of gooseberry: American gooseberry which is smaller, round and generally has a pink to red color and the European gooseberry which is bigger and very tasty. Gooseberries are generally used for preparing cakes, pancakes, but they can also be consumed raw. Due to the fact that gooseberry have an important quantity of iron, fiber, carotene and vitamin C it is indicated to be consumed in every way. Because of it high continence of vitamin C it is indicated to be consumed for increasing immunity. The tea made of gooseberries leaves it is considered to be diuretic and antiasthmatic. The essence of the fruits smell is commercialized all over India.

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