Grammie Swiss Chard And New Potatoes

1 good size piece lean salt pork

1 lg. bunch Swiss Chard, remember this cooks down, so the chard

should fill (packed) a lg. stock pot to feed 4 people

4 lg. potatoes

Put the pork in a lg. pot with enough water to cover it. Cook 1


Add Swiss Chard to pot, and cook 20 mins, then add potatoes cut

in quarters (they don't have to be peeled).

Cook 25-30 mins. longer, until potatoes are cooked through when

tested with a fork. Swiss Chard and meat will be tender.

Drain off water, and serve greens with butter, apple cider

vinegar, salt, and pepper, along with potatoes with butter,

salt and pepper.

You can eat the salt pork along with it too, if you like.

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