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Post's Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch features a nugget with a lighter crunch than the one in regular Grape Nuts. The cereal also contains raisin, oat clusters, toasted almonds, fiber sticks and honey. The cereal is sold in 17 and 47 ounce boxes. The 17 ounce box retails for approximately 4 dollars.

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Breakfast food blogger Mr. Breakfast likens Trail Mix Crunch to "the haute couture of Grape Nuts".[1] Overall, he felt this cereal was a delicious upgrade from plain Grape Nuts. Mr. Breakfast was disappointed, however, about the fact that the cereal lacked the maple sugar flavor advertised on the box. Reviewers from Phoenix's CBS 5 felt the same way, giving the cereal an 82 out of 100 because of the absence of maple flavor.[2]

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Whole grain wheat, malted barley, raisins, sugar, wheat bran, whole grain rolled oats, almonds, brown sugar, high oleic vegetable oil (canola or sunflower oil, salt, glycerin, rice flour, honey, rice, molasses, corn syrup, malted corn and barley syrup, whey (from milk), prune juice concentrate, dried yeast, fig juice concentrate, artificial flavor, caramel color, natural flavor, BHT added to packaging material to preserve product freshness.

Vitamins and minerals: reduced iron, niacinamide, zinc oxide (source of zinc), vitamin B6, vitamin A palmitate, riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamin mononitrate (vitamin B1), folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D.

Contains: wheat, almond, milk.

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