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Grape tomatoes are also called lycopersion esculentum and they belong to the tomato family, as they represent a small kind of oblong tomatoes, which combine the tastes of cherry tomato and plum tomato. The name “grape” comes from their size, as they look like a large grape in a bright red. More specifically, their size varies from 1” long to ¾” wide. The vegetables are original from Taiwan and they are considered difficult to grow, as they produce a low number of varieties. In Taiwan and other parts of Asia, the grape tomatoes are consumed as snacks and they are also introduced in meals. The flavor of the plum tomatoes is similar to the one provided by the plum and cherry tomatoes and it sweeter than the regular tomatoes' taste.

The grape tomatoes are very low in fat and calories and cholesterol free. Even more, they include the vitamins B and C, iron, zinc and potassium. Due to these properties, grape tomatoes are very healthy aliments, which can be included fresh in various salads.

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