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The grayling is a fresh water fish that belongs to the salmon family, the Salmonide family. The fish origins are in the Palearctic ecozone but it is spread all over the world mainly in northern Europe and Russia. The fish has also been introduced in Marocco at the half of the last century, but it appears that it didn’t establish there. The grayling is quite a big fish, being able to grow up to 60 cm and to weight approximately 6 kg. The maximum grayling weight recorded was of 6.7 kg (15 lb.). The grayling likes to dwell in cold, running waters, but it can also be found in lake and sometimes even in the brackish waters from the Baltic area. The grayling is an omnivorous fish that feeds on vegetable matter and also on crustaceans and insects. Some of the favorite things on the grayling’s diet are the small fish, such as minnows and yellow perch. However, graylings are in their turn prey for other larger fish.

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