[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Greek green olives]]

About Greek green olives Edit

These olives are grown in Greece. The olive fruit is a green drupe, becoming generally blackish-purple when fully ripe. Their skin is rich in tannin, giving the mature leaf its gray-green appearance. This type of olive tree produces two kinds of flowers: a perfect flower containing both male and female parts, and a staminate flower with stamens only. Greek green olives are big like size and are full in flavor. In the Mediterranean Greek green olives and olive oil are common ingredients of everyday foods like salads and special dishes. Greek green olives have a very large, ellipsoidal fruit. Skin color very light even when ripe, pit very small. Fruit is tender and must be handled carefully. Contains very little bitterness and requires only moderate lye treatment. These olives are excellent for pickles, but needs proper aeration during pickling to develop "mature" color. Green fruit of these olives is damaged at about 28°, and for this it has to be picked before summer or at the end of spring. The green color of the Greek olive plant recommends it as one of the most popular veggies and one of the tastiest. Greek green olives are known for their high count of B2 vitamin and nutritional elements.

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