Hot pepper vinegar. — Lil, Believe everyone is Einstein, but write the instructions for Bubba

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Rinse and dry peppers.
  2. Protecting hands with rubber gloves, stem peppers and chop, veins, seeds and all into med-coarse pieces.
  3. Place peppers in clean, dry heat-proof qt jar with snug lid.
  4. Heat vinegar to simmering in saucepan; pour over peppers.
  5. Cool peppers and vinegar, uncovered; then cap jar with enamel-lined canning lid or use a recycled lid over 2 layers of plastic wrap.
  6. Let mixture stand at least 2 wk or as long as 3 mon, shaking jar occasionally.
  7. When you think it might be ready, taste liquid cautiously! it?s a good idea to sample it on a bit of bland food, rather than directly.
  8. If it?s fiery enough to suit; strain through very fine meshed sieve, pressing lightly on debris of peppers to extract all possible flavor.
  9. Bottle sauce in clean, dry bottles or jars and cap airtight.
  10. Optionally, place a single whole dried hot pepper in each bottle or tie 1-2 hot peppers to neck of each bottle to indicate heat quotient of contents.
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