Green goddess eggplant

Green goddess eggplant

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The eggplant is a vegetable that is very low in calories (30 calories per cup) and it has many carbohydrates, vitamin A, B and C – due to these qualities, the eggplant is part of healthy and nutritional diets. From pink to purple and from apple green to dark browns, the eggplants can be found in a wide and complex spectrum., Besides the colour of their skin, the eggplants differ in flesh texture: from soft to firm and in flavour: from delicate and mild to hot and creamy. The shape of the eggplants varies depending on the particularities of the specie: there are small and round eggplants or long, thin and oval. Because of the fact that the plant is a fruit and not a vegetable, as it is commonly known, the eggplant is included in the nightshade plants, among with tomatoes and potatoes.

Green goddess is the name for some famous recipes of dips and dressings, which can be applied on eggplants. The green goddess dip is original from North America and it includes mayonnaise, sour cream, chopped shallot, garlic, lemon juice, tarragon vinegar and spring parsley.

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