[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Grey Gurnard]]

About Grey Gurnard Edit

Grey Gurnard is also called Eutrigla gurnardus and it can reach almost 45 cm in size. It hunt for small fishes, bristle worms and crustaceous on sandy or muddy bottom. Despite the fact that it is not so popular, the Gurnard has white and good tasting meat. Grey Gurnard is smaller and less colourful than Red Gurnard and it can be caught in shallow bays around Bulmullet and Tralee, as well as all around the Irish coast and even in the Irish Sea. Grey Gurnard can be labelled the smallest Gurnard in Irish waters and is usually caught from shore, even though it is caught in under 4 meters of water from off a boat. In the Norwagian language, « growl » is the term used for fishes and this is due to the fact that the fish usually make a growling noise produced by the vibrations from the swin bladder.

Gurnard Recipes Edit

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