Grey mullet

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A scientific name for Grey Mullet is Mugil cephalus. The upper body of this fish is olive-green to grey, while the sides are silvery and the belly is white. Its flattened head has large eyes and thin lips. Another particularity is the fact that it has short pectoral fins and a large shaped tail resembling " V". Grey Mullet prefer calm waters around islands, near estuaries or rivers, being usually found over sand or mud bottom in salt, brackish and freshwater. One of the most complex species related to Grey Mullet is thick-lipped Grey Mullet whose scientific name is Chelon labrosus and which can reach a length of 50 cm. It has a grey body, silver appearance and it can be seen in estuaries, coastal inshore waters and sheltered coasts with shallow waters. The upper lip is thick and prominent and its teeth are closely packed. Its eyes are small and it also has two dorsal fins. Moreover, it has a dark greenish to bluish grey coloration of the back and upper sides, and a white belly. The food of thick-lipped Grey Mullet consists of organic and algal material.

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