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About Grey Mullet Roe Edit

One of the fish from the Perciformes order, the mullets comprise the family called Mugilidae. Grey mullet are raised in Cabras where the fish eat naturally and healthfully. The mullet's eggs, once being extracted, washed and purified, are placed under salt and then hung to mature. The color of the roe varies from gold to dark amber. The saline aroma is attended by notes of almond and musk. It has an unmistakably strong seafood taste and aroma. One of the most interesting characteristics of this fish is their unique way of feeding on the tiny organisms at the bottom of their habitat. This type of feeding has given the mullet their generic name of sucker and is accomplished as the fish sucks up the food which is strained through their gill rakers before being passed to the throat. The diet of the mullet includes mussels, insect larvae, plankton, worms, snails and other crustaceans. After spawning the female will discard around 80.000 eggs, which are coated with a jelly like adhesive, allowing them attach to any available plant life. The juveniles appear in about a week and immediately begin feeding along the bottoms.

Grey mullet roe Recipes Edit

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