The griddling process involves cooking beef cuts with a high heat source, either directly, indirectly, or with a combination of both. It is fundamentally the same technique as broiling except that when griddling, the food is cooked above the heat source and with broiling; the food is cooked below the heat source. Griddling temperatures typically reach as high as 650 °F, but any temperature above 300 °F is suitable as a griddling temperature. The high heat of griddling burns the exterior of beef, producing tender meat with a flavorful crust. The required cooking temperature and the method of griddling depend on the cut of beef and the quality of the meat. As with any cooking method, beef that is grilled should not be overcooked in order to produce the best results. There are a wide range of grills available for griddling various cuts of beef. Some grills are designed for indoor use and provide convenience for consumers who are unable to grill outdoors due to location or climate. Grills designed for outdoor use provide a taste to food that is difficult to match with indoor griddling due to the aromatic woods.

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