Grilled Chocolate Banana Sandwich


3-1/2 ounce chocolate bar 1/2 banana, sliced 2 slices bread, white or wheat 1 tablespoon butter powdered sugar


For each sandwich, place one-half of a good-quality 3-1/2-ounce chocolate bar on one slice of white or wheat bread. Top with 1/2 of a banana, sliced, and second slice of bread. Heat 1 tablespoon butter over medium-low heat just until it begins to bubble. Add sandwich to skillet, chocolate side down, and cover skillet with lid. Cook until bread is golden brown and toasted, about 1-1/2 minutes. Carefully flip sandwich over, and repeat. Remove from skillet, slice in half and dust with sifted powdered sugar. Serve warm.

Makes 1 serving.

Nutrition facts per serving:

Calories 562 Total Fat (g) 28 Saturated Fat (g) 18 Cholesterol (mg) 42 Sodium (mg) 469 Carbohydrate (g) 70 Fiber (g) 4 Protein (g) 8

Source : Better Homes And Garden Recipe Mailer

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