One of the best things about scallops is their versatility. It’s difficult to pick just one. You can find bake, grilled or sautéed scallops served in a salad, as a side or on their own in places like Chatrium Hotels.


·         Scallop 45 g (3 pieces)

·         Balsamic Vinegar 20 ml

·         Peeled Garlic 5 g

·         Peeled Onion 10 g

·         Fine salt 2 g

·         White pepper 2 g

·         White wine vinegar 10 ml

·         Red Capsicum 10 g

·         Yellow Capsicum 10 g

·         Green Capsicum 10 g

·         Green Lettuce 50 g

1.     Marinate the scallops with salt, pepper, white wine vinegar.

2.     Heat the pan and grill the scallops until half cooked.

3.     Take the scallops out from the pan.

4.     Cook the sauce in the same pan. For the sauce, sauté the onion, garlic and three kinds of capsicums with a bit of butter until the smell is gone.

5.     Put balsamic vinegar and white wine vinegar into the sautéed vegetables and season with salt and pepper. After that put the scallops into the pan, cook for a few more moments and take out.

6.     Decorate with garden vegetable salad. This scallop dish tastes salty and sour.

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