Grilled Scallops in Pumpkin Seed sauce

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List of Ingredients

3 lbs Diver sea scallops 4 tablespoons Canola oil salt and pepper

Pumpkin Seed Sauce: 3 cups pumpkin seeds, raw,hulled and toasted 2 Poblano peppers, roasted,peeled,seeded and chopped 2 red bell peppers, roasted,peeled,seeded and chopped 12 shallots, chopped 1 bunch cilantro, chopped 20 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped 1 bunch Italian parsley, chopped 4 limes, juice of 3 jalapeño peppers, seeded and chopped 16 tomatillos, quartered salt and pepper 6 ounces olive oil 1/2 cup water (up to 1 cup)

Roasted Pepper Vinaigrette: 2 Poblano peppers, roasted,peeled,seeded and cut into small dice 1 red bell pepper, roasted,peeled,seeded and cut into small dice 1/2 cup hot pepper vinegar 1 cup olive oil salt and pepper

Tomato Salsa: 1 white onion, small dice 16 Roma tomatoes, chopped 1/4 bunch cilantro, minced 2 teaspoons sugar 2 teaspoons salt 2 limes, juice of 1/4 cup Mexican beer

Garnish: 1 cup pumpkin seeds, roasted 1/4 bunch cilantro


PUMPKIN SEED SAUCE: Put shallots, cilantro, garlic and parsley into food processor. Pulse until finely chopped Add remaining ingredients (except oil and water) and puree until smooth. Season With machine running, pour in olive oil slowly. Thin with water to desired consistence. Add water a little bit at a time. ROASTED PEPPER VINAIGRETTE: Whisk together the hot pepper vinegar and olive oil. Stir in diced peppers. TOMATO SALSA: Combine all ingredients and mix well. ASSEMBLY: Put 5 scallops on a wooden skewer for each portion, brush with Canola oil, season and grill until just done. Scallops can be broiled or sauteed as well. Spoon 1/2 cup of pumpkin seed sauce on each plate and spread to cover evenly

Arrange scallops in a circle around plate. Spoon 1 tsp of vinaigrette over each scallop. Spoon 1/2 cup tomato salsa in center of plate. Sprinkle each plate with 2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds and garnish with cilantro.

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