There are an ample variety of grills accessible that are fitting for grilling a variety of cuts of lamb. Some grills are intended for indoor use and provide convenience for consumers who are unable to grill outdoors due to location or climate. Grills designed for outdoor use provide a flavor to food that is difficult to match with indoor grilling. The most popular indoor grills are electric countertop units, which come in a range of styles and sizes and provide a grilled or broiled flavor to lamb chops or small roasts. The food is placed on a grill rack, which is positioned above an electric heating unit. Traditional methods for grilling involve the use of a wood fire. A small wood fire is built within a ring constructed of heavy stones or metal or in a masonry structure designed to contain the fire. Before the lamb is cooked, the fire is allowed to burn down until the flames are small and the embers are glowing. A grate, supported by the stone or metal structure, is placed above the fire and the food is cooked directly on the grate.

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