About Gudgeon[edit | edit source]

The gudgeon is a still water fish, but it can also be found in canals or rivers. The gudgeon belongs to the Cyprinid family and lives mainly in waters in Europe and UK. The fish mainly feeds on bottom dwelling organisms, such as midge, caddis fly and mayfly larvae. This fish breeds in spring laying eggs on the bottom of its habitat. The gudgeon can be distinguished from the other fish because it has a short barbule on either side of its mouth. Another distinguishing feature is that its neck is scaleless. The color of the gudgeon differs from brown to grayish brown or even green and its sides have silvery or yellow stripes with several dark spots. This type of fish doesn’t have a very long life span, the usual life span lasting for approximately five years. The general length norm of a gudgeon fish is of about 10-12 cm, but it can also reach the length of 20 cm if the water temperature and the food supply allow it.

Gudgeon Recipes[edit | edit source]

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