Food seems to be one of the favorite stimulants when it comes to establishing new world records that can make it into the famous Guinness Book. From eating live roaches and scary bugs to warms and other less appealing animals or animal parts, to eating enormous quantities of food, people have tried everything. While eating small and disgusting creatures is just a brave and daring act, ingurgitating incredible amounts of the same aliment seems more than crazy.

There are various food eating competitions meant to settle new world records every year. The recent winner of the World Hotdog Eating Championship ate not less than 50 and a half wieners and buns in just 12 minutes, setting a new world record. Due to his performance, the 113 pounds contestant became the 120 pounds contestant after just the 12 minutes of stuffing the hot dogs into his stomach. Even more, the winner seems to have no real and valid competitor, as the record that follows belongs to a 400 pounds world record aspirer, who managed to eat only 24 hot dogs in the same amount of time. In this case, technique tends to be, instead of heavy weight, the key to settle an eating world record.

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