A Hainanese speciality and probably the most popular lunch in Singapore, it's boiled chicken served with chili sauce and an aromatic rice cooked in chicken broth.


Hainanese Chicken Rice


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  1. Boil water with spring Onion, ginger and pandan leaves, put in Chicken and cook till done, do not over cook. briefly dip in cold water and set aside to cool. Keep broth heated.
  2. Wash rice and drain. Finely shred ginger and garlic, fry in oil with cloves, cinammon and star anise till fragrant, add in rice and fry for several minutes. Transfer into rice cooker, add chicken broth, pinch of salt, pandan leaves and start cooking.
  3. Put all chili sauce ingredient in a mixer and grind till fine.
  4. Slice and arrange tomatoes and cucumbers on a big plate, cut Chicken into small pieces and put on top. Splash some light soy sauce and sesame oil over, throw a bunch of coriander on top.
  5. Next, Put broth in a bowl with lettuce, get ready chili sauce and sweet soy sauce. #Serve rice on a plate with spoon and folk.
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