Frozen hake fillets

Frozen hake filets

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This term refers to different fish belonging to the family Gadidae. Silver hake or Merluccius bilinearis which can measure 30 inches in length, that is the equivalent of 75 cm, can have a weight of 2.3 kg. This fish has a brown colour with some silvery iridescence fading into pure silver on the belly. It also has from 5 to 7 irregular vertical dark bars. Fish like hake are to be found on or near the bottom in deep water of the continental shelf from Maryland to the Newfoundland Banks. Even if it tastes great, it should be known that the taste deteriorates rapidly after it is caught. Pacific Hake or Merluccius productus has a length of 3 feet, meaning about 90 cm, having a metallic silver-gray colour with black speckling and pure silver on the belly. It is usually found in open sea at any depth up to 900 m, from Sea of Cortez to the Gulf of Alaska. There are also red examples of hake called Urophycis chuss that grow to 75 cm, having a weight of 3.2 kg. They have a coloration from red to olive-brown, and even black above, with yellow sides and white belly. Their pelvic fins are long and filamentous and contain tactile and taste senses that help them to search for them in the mud. Their fresh is very soft and they can be found from Cape Hatteras to Nova Scotia, while white hake or Urophycis tenuis is found in Galway bay, other sea inlets of Ireland, as well as in France and England.

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