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Ham is the meat taken from certain parts of pigs. A cut of pork that is taken from the meat on the middle part of the shank bone extending to the hip bone on the hind leg of the hog. There are two basic types of ham: fresh ham (uncooked) or cured ham (cooked). Cured hams can be brine-cured or dry-cured and then boiled or lightly smoked. If ham is cured, smoked, and then allowed to age for a longer period of time (1 year or more) to develop more flavor, it is most often classified as a "gourmet" ham. Cuts of ham are available with (bone-in) or without bones (boneless), as specialty hams, and as cooked, partially cooked, or uncooked hams.

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When shopping for ham for a particular recipe. It is best to know which cut of ham to use. Here are some basic cuts found in most markets and butcher shops.

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Hams come in 2 main varieties, cooked and raw.

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Avoid cross-contamination of juices from uncooked ham which may drop on other ingredients that are eaten raw.

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