Baby Dahl and Mama Grain is a frozen organic baby food product made by Brooklyn, New York's Happy Baby. Each box contains twelve frozen cubes: 6 baby dahl and 6 mama grain. The product sells for $4.99 a box.

The cubes can be microwaved or thawed. "Supermarket Guru" Phil Lempert rated this product 89 on a 100 point scale.[1] According to HappyBaby, the product contains all nine essential amino acids and omega-3 DHA has been added to "help support baby's brain and eye development." [2]

Packaging Edit

The box contains a film that covers the whole tray of cubes. In order to store cubes, you must put them in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

Ingredients Edit

Baby Dahl Edit

water necessary for cooking, organic red lentils, organic potatoes, organic carrots, organic olive oil, organic cinnamon and organic coriander, DHA algal oil

Mama Grain Edit

water necessary for cooking, organic bananas, organic quinoa, organic black beans, DHA algal oil

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