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Hawaii - Cooking and Food Edit

Overview of Hawaii Cuisine History Edit

Hawaiian Cuisines: The commencement Edit

The foundation of cuisines was laid as early as 1776, which is an epic, which took place some thousand of years ago. That was the time when the Polynesian people first set foot in the island of the Hawaiian which today stand tall as one of the well known tourist resort in the world with the finest cuisines. But back at the early days of its origin the Polynesian people brought in simpler cuisines, which was a simple combination of vegetables and fruits cultivated in the land.

The historical changes in the cuisines Edit

The arrival of Polynesian people marked the start of the changes in Hawaiian Cuisines.  It was the Polynesians that introduced a new style of cookery, and brought in the famous breadfruit that today is a customary food offering of the region.

 Since it’s early stages, the island has been characterize by the love of the populace for seafoods. During its beginnings it was the seafood and seasonal fruits and vegetables that were the chief ingredients of the cookery. The island cuisine quickly adopted seafood, making it a parcel and part of festivals and occasions celebrated in the island.

Hawaiian Cuisine History: The evolution Edit

The history of the island reveals that a drastic change came into the eating habit and cuisines came when immigrants from different traditions and civilizing background migrated into the region. These include people from Korea, Japan, America and people from Chinese origin. They brought in their own cooking habits and cooking preparation techniques. Soon their food preparation techniques were introduce and merge in the Hawaiian cuisines which resulted in the introduction of several new food items which was not there before.

Hawaiian Cuisine History: Advance to new-fangled foodstuff Edit

Before the settlement of migrants in the region the cuisines of Hawaiian was characterize by low calories diet comprising of salads and low fat seafood. However the custom and festivals of the cuisine changes as history evolved and the visitors to the island became the settlers in the region.

This was the time when the island was also introduced with the arrival of meat and pork to the region. The natives of the island quickly perfected the art of making delicious cookery made of white and red meat. This was the time when barbeque and roasted meat gain fame in the region and became an active ingredient in cooked items. At the same time the food also begin to get appreciations from tourist entering the region and gave such food items commercial success. This permitted the resorts and hotels to introduce food items of red meat and pork for the people of the region and visitors. The festivals also changed as the low diet salads were now served with beef cookery and pork items. The arrival of meat also characterize the introduction of fast food items such as ham sandwiches, roast burgers, pizza etc.

Cuisines of Hawaii Edit

Map of Hawaii

Map of Hawaii - Click to enlarge

Hawaiian: The cuisines that tip excellence Edit

The cuisines of Hawaiian is infused with customarily rich ingredients and also takes its form from the various cultures that migrated to the island of Hawaii at its origin. The food blends in the heritage and customs of populace of Chinese, American, Japanese, and Korean way of cooking along with the uniqueness of Hawaiian cooking itself. The result is a mouth-watering cookery that comprises meat dishes, veggies delights for vegetarians and delicious desserts.

The delicious cookery of Hawaiian Cuisine Edit

The island of Hawaiian is a prime attraction of tourism due to its beautiful locality the sociability of the Hawaiian people and the cuisines of Hawaiian. The tropical seasoning and traditional cooked food served with traditional beverages have made Hawaiian cuisine on of the best know catering of the world. The cuisines of Hawaiian have food offering for individuals with different tastes and preferences. The cuisines offer foods for vegetarians, meat lovers and those who cannot have enough of the delicious desserts offering of the island.

Cuisines of Hawaiian: Vegetarian’s Delight! Edit

For vegetarians the Hawaiian cuisines offer different variation of delicious salads and fruit items. There are made with the customarily affluent, and seasonal food items which include pineapples, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, onions and the food item is served with rice or the locally made breads. Mostly prefer by health conscious individuals this yummy cookery is both tempting and low on fats.

Cuisines of Hawaiian: For meat lovers! Edit

The cuisines of Hawaiian are celebrated for its barbeques, pizza’s, ham sandwiches, cookery made of white meat such as Hawaiian famous chicken salads and Hawaiian chicken fried rice. The island also offers seafood, which includes Hawaiian specialties in making a variety of dishes using shrimps. Meat lovers would surely enjoy the visit to the cuisines of Hawaiian, as they would be greeted with a hearty mix of Hawaiian roast beef, barbeque pork & cookery made of chicken and short ribs.

Cuisines of Hawaiian: The appealing desserts! Edit

The desserts of Hawaiian are well celebrated due to its richness of taste and the vigorous combination of sweet fruits and herbs that the island grows. The cakes that are served in the cuisines of Hawaiian are well liked by the tourist and the local alike. From freshly prepared ice creams to freshly baked cookies there are an assortment of deserts to choose from and one cannot get enough of the appealing desserts. The chocolate puddings, pineapple delight, iced cakes are some of the desserts that one must try when visiting a Hawaiian cuisines.

Preparation Methods for Hawaiian Cooking Edit

The Hawaiian cooking is basically comprised of steam cooking, roast meats, traditional baked vegetables and meat. And the modern cookery of fast food items such as pizza, burgers and sandwiches. The food is prepared using both the local ingredients and the ingredients that have been burrowed from other culture and regions.

The chief item for the preparation methods of Hawaiian cooking includes:

Sweet potatoes and low spices Edit

Sweet potatoes and low spices are used frequently in the preparation method of Hawaiian cooking. This may include green pepper and seasonal salts and items. The food offering such as steamed roast or chicken salads are made by adding sweet potatoes and low spice.

Traditional Preparation Edit

The island of Hawaiian is all about tradition and culture and this is also very evident from the food preparation method of Hawaiian cooking. One of the chief methods of preparing meat item is to bake them in leaves and to make chicken and ham roll served stuffed inside the vegetable leaves. This preparation method is very famous as its very presentable and also rich in nutrition and taste.

Shrimps Edit

Shrimps are also a very famous food item in Hawaii. Blending shrimps in flour and egg white mostly prepare it. But the traditional Hawaiian method also introduce shredded coconuts and vegetable leaves in this offering to give it the uniqueness of the Hawaiian culture. The spices used depend upon the taste preference of the individual. The shrimps are baked of deep fried depending upon the choice of the chef.

Cookery of meat Edit

The preparation method of Hawaiian cooking is also unique when it comes to the cookery of meat. Unlike other traditions the Hawaiian cooking make use of the local ingredient such as yams, mullet, mahi-mahi, mussels and sea weeds as active ingredient of for cooking items made of white or red meat. Items such as steam pork or chicken roast are made in vegetables leaves steamed in its own taste to make a unique food offering.

Snacks and desserts Edit

Snacks and desserts are also very popular among the visitors and natives of Hawaiian. The preparation method of such cooking makes use of natural ingredient such as sugar cane juice and pineapples instead of artificial flavors. These are cooked using fresh milk, cream and fruits cultivated in the land to bring uniqueness to its taste and deliciousness, which is appreciated by all. The snacks are made using fruits and vegetables and include a variety of salads. The preparation method of suck cooking is categorize by using natural herbs as seasoning such as sea weed and seasonal spices with the addition of cream and sugar cane to make an appetizing salad.

Special Equipment for Hawaiian Cooking Edit

The Hawaiian cooking makes use of traditional equipments in cooking. Often the cookery is baked not using the modern state of the art oven but using vegetables leaves to coat the meat and bake it on a Hawaiian pot or to boil it on steam. Since the cooking of Hawaiian makes use of food, which is often baked, therefore foil paper is used as special equipment for Hawaiian cooking. Tin foil paper is used to cover the meal entirely as it is baked in the oven. Also a difference in cookery equipment could also be seen in the cookery utensils. The traditional Hawaiian prefers using wooden utensils and large pot to bake the food through the steam of boiling hot water. Some of the special equipment used for Hawaiian cooking includes the following:

Grills are special equipment, which the Hawaiian makes exclusive use for. The island is famous for its barbeque cookery. And the grills are used to roast pork, chicken and seafood’s. The grills are especially made sharp and longer as at times it is require in roasting whole pork or large pieces of chickens.

Vegetables leaves are also used as active equipment in Hawaiian cooking as oppose to tin or aluminum foils the natives prefer vegetable leaves as the baking under these leaves makes the cookery natural and also blend in the taste of the leaves it self.

Saucepan is also apparatus, which is much used in the region. It is used in the preparation of seasonal sauce and pastes. It is also used to fry shrimps and seafood. Mostly saucepan is used when the serving is small but saucepan also comes in large sizes. Large size saucepan is often used for baking pizzas and pies.

Skillets are used when the serving is large and often is used while marinating large chunks of pork or a full chicken. The food is baked and cooked on the skillet and the size allows the other ingredients to fully blend in the meal. These are places inside large ovens or are heated as required by the necessities of the cooking.

Hawaiian Food Traditions and Festivals Edit

The Hawaiian island is distinctively known for its food tradition and festivals. These festivals also attract tourism and travelers to the island who exclusively visit the island just to munch on its delicious food offerings at its local festivals. One of the locally famed items, which are served at most Hawaiian festivals, is the plate lunch which consist of rice, macaroni and toped with mayonnaise, eggs, beef patty or the traditional pork chunks and kalua pig. This item is a hot favorite in the Hawaiians food traditions and festival as it’s both appetizing and inexpensive.

Food Traditions and Festivals: The main course Edit

The historical background of the Hawaiian reveals that this region as always been a land of courteous and friendly people which celebrate their festivals with reverence of the occasion and the pleasure of other. Roast and barbeque meat items are the chief item of the Hawaiian food tradition. Roasted pork, and fried chicken and shrimps are locally available and also served in hotels and cuisines to offer the tourist and visitor the rich taste and exceptional cooking preparation method of the region. The delicious mouth watering cooking coated with the seasonal spice and serve with different sauce made of local herbs and ingredients makes the Hawaiian tradition and food festival a unique experience for the visitor.

Food Traditions and Festivals: Desserts Edit

The island festival is also characterized by the love for sweet dishes and desserts. Whether its chocolate cake served with fresh cream, or pie made of local fruits, or coconut cakes and sweets made of locally available ingredients. The food festival offers fresh desserts to its visitors and locals, which is made to perfection by the finest chef of the region. The festival also offers juices and beverages made especially in Hawaiian style, which includes pineapple shakes, coconut milk and banana swig.

Food Traditions and Festivals: Snacks and appetizers Edit

For people considering light food the Hawaiian food tradition offers variety of snack items and appetizers to meet the demand of its visitors. These include freshly baked cookies, salads, and shrimps and seasonal fruits offering, which is full filling and nutritious. If it’s a lightning treat you desire you would defiantly find the offering of Hawaiian tradition and food festival very rewarding.

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