Hawaiian eggplant

Hawaiian eggplant

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The Hawaiian eggplant is an exotic kind of eggplant with a mild flavour. The eggplant which is found in this region is a staple aliment in the fresh and exotic cuisine of Hawaii, especially because of its nutritional properties: the Hawaiian eggplant is rich in carbohydrates and vitamin, as it includes A and B vitamins and C-complex. Besides these, the Hawaiian eggplant is low in calories, so it helps in low calorie diets and healthy culinary habits. The eggplants are almost always peeled before preparing them, but frying them with their skin on is also a popular option, especially in some regional cuisines.

The Hawaiian eggplant is the base for the traditional Hawaiian meals, which are very particular and have an original taste. Among these, there are the busy bees, which is prepared with long Hawaiian eggplants, which are washed, pierced and then broiled, tomatoes and ginger. Other Hawaiian eggplant recipes include the chicken and eggplant curry, the chicken breast with Hawaiian eggplant, the eggplant lasagne, pork with eggplant, stuffed Hawaiian eggplant and fried eggplant with dressing.

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