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Hawk’s wing mushroom scientifically named Hydnum imbricatum, is a part of hydnum family and can be found in coniferous woods especially on sandy soils, mostly in the autumn. This mushroom is an edible mushroom with a slightly bitter taste generally with no smell. Hawk’s wing mushroom has to be eaten only boiled and afterwards cooked with different ingredients; it is not allowed to be eaten raw because it may provoke indigestions. It has a brownish cap, with short, thick and irregular scales. It is important that before cooking them, they have to be cautiously cleaned because they might hide a variety of insects or dust inside their cap. After hawk’s wing mushrooms have been cleaned and boiled they can be served with scrambled eggs, in stews or as a garnish. Due to the fact that hawk’s king mushroom is very similar to numerous poisonous fungus one must be very cautious when collecting them, and it is preferable that they are tasted before cooked so one may recognize its bitter taste.

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