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Hibachi House Mandarin Orange Chicken is a frozen Asian chicken breast and rice entree made by Simply Simmered Foods of Seattle Washington. Each box contains 4.5 servings and retails for $5. The frozen meal can be purchased at supermarkets and warehouse stores including Super Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger/Fred Meyer, Albertsons and Winco. The Hibachi House line of foods is comprised of ten different entrees. It was created in 2004 by Steve Garlando.

To prepare the product, one must thaw out the sauce packet in hot water, microwave the rice and chicken pouch for five minutes and add the sauce. The amount of sauce can be adjusted to change the flavor. The manufacturer says this process incorporates "innovative Steam Pouch technology".[1]

"Supermarket Guru" and food critic Phil Lempert said while the taste was above average, the Mandarin Orange Chicken contains corn syrup along with "other unappealing artificial ingredients".[2] Lempert gives this product a 72 on a 100 point scale, calling it a "great answer to convenience and satisfying that craving for Asian foods".

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