Holiday sugar Cookies

This Easy-to-Handle Dough is Perfect For Christmas Cutouts ..Prep: 30 Minutes

Bake: 10 Minutes Per Batch


  • 1. in Medium Bowl, Combine flour, baking powder, And salt. in Large Bowl, With Mixer at Medium Speed, Beat butter And 3/4 Cup sugar Until Light And Fluffy. Beat in egg, milk, And lemon peel Until Well Combined. Reduce Speed to Low; Beat in flour Mixture Just Until Blended. Shape Dough Into Disk; Wrap And Refrigerate at Least 2 Hours or up to Overnight.
  • 2. Preheat Oven to 350? F. Grease And flour Two Large Cookie Sheets. on Lightly Floured Surface, With Floured Rolling Pin, Roll Half of Dough 1/8 Inch Thick; Keep Remaining Dough Refrigerated. With Floured 3-Inch Assorted Cookie Cutters, Cut Dough Into as Many Cookies as Possible; Reserve Trimmings For Rerolling. Place Cookies, 1 Inch Apart, on Prepared Cookie Sheets. if Desired, With Drinking Straw or Skewer, Make 1/4-Inch Hole in Top of Each Cookie For Hanging. Sprinkle Some of Remaining 1/4 Cup sugar Over Cookies.
  • 3. Bake Until Golden, About 10 Minutes, Rotating Cookie Sheets Between Upper And Lower Oven Racks Halfway Through Baking. With Wide Spatula, Transfer Cookies to Wire Racks to Cool Completely. Repeat With Remaining Dough And Trimmings. Makes About 42 Cookies.Each Cookie: About 76 Calories, 1g Protein, 10g Carbohydrate, 4g Total Fat (2g Saturated), 14 mg Cholesterol, 66 mg Sodium.~ Merry Christmas And Happy New Year From The Uk~ Aol Instant Messenger: Belladinkshaunmsn Messenger:

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