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Homemade Orange Pops

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== Description ==
Inducing a stone-cold combination of fruit juice, gelatin powder, authentic fruit, and sugar from the popsicles, this glorious fruit-based dessert is great with other desserts or fruits and keeps a fruity aroma with the fruit juice and gelatin.
*2 1/2 tbsp [[orange]] flavour jelly powder
*1/4 cup [[granulated sugar]]
*1 cup Boiling [[water]]
*1 cup [[orange juice]]
*2/3 cup Pureed Fresh Fruit
1 Servings: 8 place jelly powder and [[Sugar]] in a bowl.
2 Add boiling [[water]]; stir until dissolved.
3 Add [[orange juice]] and pureed fruit.
4 Pour into pop molds and freeze.
5 Makes about 8
== Ingredients ==
* 2 ½ tbsp. orange-flavored [[gelatin dessert mix|jelly powder]]
* ¼ cup [[granulated sugar]]
* 1 cup boiling [[water]]
* 1 cup [[orange juice]]
* ⅔ cup puréed fresh [[fruit]], apple, lime, lemon, orange, or pineapple only
== Directions ==
==See also==
# Place jelly powder and [[granulated sugar|sugar]] in a bowl.
# Add boiling [[water]]; stir until dissolved.
# Add [[orange juice]] and puréed fruit.
# Pour into pop molds and freeze. Serve cold and plain over any fruit, or with other desserts.
== Videos ==
[[File:Homemade Orange Pops|thumb|480x480px|centre]]
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