Hondroelia olive

About Hondroelia olive Edit

Hondrolea olive is a Greek olive grown in the Arcadia or Morea region of Greece, along the Peloponnesian peninsula adjacent to the Aegean Sea. This olive is traditionally pale green to light tan in color, large, meaty, and oval-shaped. It is typically an olive that is brine-cured for ten months to a year to enhance the flavor. The olive contains a firm meat which provides a slightly sweet flavor. It is most often served as an hors d'oeuvre or snack. Hondroelia olives are the biggest olives from the earth and preserve a special flavor. These olives are almost two inches long and have a very substantial content that you can eat them with knife and fork. In Greece, the inhabitants are usually calling them “Olives for Heroes”.

Hondroelia olives are hand-picked, then traditionally-cured in natural salt brine for many months to enhance their full flavor. A golden layer of extra virgin olive oil rests atop the olives to protect and preserve them. A true Hondroelia olive always has one nipple pointed end and a pit that is pointed on both ends. These olives are found on the market pasteurized or fresh. Hondroelia olives are very rarely even in Greece, and for this they are very expansive.

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