Hot Cheese in a Jar

2 pounds melted Velveeta cheese (do not substitute) 1 medium onion, grated or ground 1 can evaporated milk (5.33 oz) 1 pint Miracle Whip salad dressing (do not substitute) 1 can seeded,deveined jalapeño peppers, chopped fine (8 oz) cut off stems

Melt cheese in top of double boiler. Add onion, milk, Miracle Whip and peppers to melted cheese and mix well. Pour into 6 jelly jars (8 oz each). Cool, screw on caps. refrigerate. may be used as a cheese spread or let stand about 30 minutes at room temperature and may be used as a dip. Ingredients may be mixed in a blender then added to the melted cheese. makes 6 jars. The jars of cheese, tied with ribbon make nice gifts at Christmas, or at any time when something small would be appreciated, but remember, it must be refrigerated. Source: Cowtown Cuisine

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