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Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate for the holidays

hot cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkled cinnamon on top

Spicy and will warm you right up.

For some, hot chocolate is a comfort food.. it's warm and sweet. Sometimes it's part of a family bedtime ritual.

Hot chocolate recipes usually involve chocolate melted and dissolved into warmed milk. Variations include different spices to intensify the flavor, especially "warm" spices. Alternatives to the milk include cream, water, soy milk or other milk substitutes. Some recipes include sweeteners or liquors. To add a special touch, finish it off with whipped cream, whisked foam, chocolate shavings, a stirrer made of a peppermint stick, marshmallows or sticks coated in rock candy (crystallized sugar).

Basic Ingredients Edit

Additional Ingredients Edit

The following ingredients are added to create different recipes and flavor to individuals' preferences.

Hot chocolate and cocoa Recipes Edit

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