Malaysian cuisine is diverse, vibrant and extremely flavorful! Among the many different food items, Malaysians love their food fried to a crispy delight. Inchi Kabin is one of those food items that Malays go crazy for. This is a very simple yet delicious fried chicken dish that will certainly make you crave for more. If you are a person who loves to cook, you can prepare this dish food from the comfort of your home by reading through the below recipe.


·         Lemongrass                                       2 Stalks

Inchi Kabin.jpg

·         Whole Chicken cut into                        20 pieces

·         Curry Powder                               1 table Spoon

·         Salt to taste

·         Lemon Juice half Squeeze

·         Coconut milk                                        50ml

·         Sugar                                                   20gm

·         Oil for Deep Frying                                750ml

Preparation method

1.     Add in all the ingredients except the oil to a bowl and mix them thoroughly and let it marinate for 30 minutes.

2.     Heat up the oil to 175C and put in the marinated chicken pieces with crushed lemongrass.

3.     Deep fry for 15-188 minutes until the chicken becomes crispy.

4.     Once thoroughly cooked, drain it well and serve it hot along with Worchester sauce and sliced chillies.

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