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This is a variation on a famous salad in Italy - simple and sensational, fresh and colorful, it is tremendously pleasing.

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Cut the California avocados in half, deseed them and peel.

Slice California avocado halves into thin slices vertically and arrange on a salad by placing them in a decorative circle.

Use only fresh mozzarella - it is not the same salad if you use anything generally found in grocery stores in the US. Many quality markets are now selling fresh mozzarella.

Slice the mozzarella into 1/8" circles and place overlapping on top of the California avocados.

Cut tomatoes into 1/4" thick circles and overlap on top of the mozzarella so the plate now has a green ring of avocado, a white one of Cheese and a red one of tomatoes.

Top salad with fresh basil leaves which are sliced into thin slivers and the amount to use can vary based on your taste for basil.

Dress the salad with a splash (or more) of olive oil

Add black pepper and salt to taste

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