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How did you get started with cooking? Edit

I asked my Mom for some toast. She told me to make it myself. I said that i couldn't and my Mom said even charlie brown could make toast. so that's where i started when i was around 8 i think. I started cooking after i was tired of working in the dish pit at a guiessepi's and decided to become a fry master. - Netchef

Where have you cooked and where are you currently cooking? Edit

Guiessepi's Wharf 3 years, Outback Steakhouse 4 years, TGI Fridays 4 months, Oakwood Grill 5 months, I currently work at Bonefish Grill. All in Florida. - Netchef

What kind of training did you go through? Edit

Standard restaurant line training. I was fortunate to have worked under a former research & development chef at outback where he trained me extensively on quality food fast. As a line cook you get bored of the food that is on the menu and you are always cooking special meals for yourself and other employee's. - Netchef

What styles of food do you prefer? Edit

Southern Cuisine, Mexican, Chinese - Netchef

What other cookbooks do you recommend? Edit

I have both Alton Brown books "I'm Just Here for the Food", "I'm Just Here for More Food" Antony Bordain's "Les Halles" - Netchef

What cooking shows do you watch? Edit

Good Eats, Naked Chef, Oliver's Twist, Iron Chef, Surreal Gourmet - Netchef

How difficult is it to become a working chef? Edit

I have never been a real chef. I have been called one but i have never held the position. I imagine it is fairly difficult if you have to design everything in the kitchen from the ground up. - Netchef

Is there anything that you regret regarding this career? Edit

Well the hours arent the best. I am getting out of the biz soon and just cook for my family and friends... that's where the real joy is. - Netchef

Tell us a funny thing that happened to you while on the job. Edit

This is a story that happened this last Christmas while making cookies. Me and my girlfriend where making the icing and i asked her what colors she needed as i got the colorings. Red, Blue, Green, White... I said white huh? Well i cant make white because i don't have that color. She asked if i was kidding and i said no. The icing was white to begin with! brain fart. - Netchef

You cook all day – so what's your favorite dish? Edit

When i have been cooking all day and i get home i want something quick and easy. It always changes but i normally go for the Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup (condensed can with milk instead of water) - Netchef

What do you like to do when not cooking? Edit

I like to mess around with computers and electronics. I also skateboard from time to time to get some exercise. - Netchef

What's the most memorable thing someone said about your cooking? Edit

That my food was art that you could eat. - Netchef

What advice would you give someone interested in becoming a chef? Edit

Work up and down the line. Speak to people in a professional manner. keep your cool. - Netchef

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