Name Variations Edit

  • guaperu
  • hivapuru
  • sabara

About Jaboticaba Edit

Jabticaba is part of Myartaceae family are it is native from Brazil. Although jaboticaba is native from Brazil it can also be found in South America or in Florida. Jaboticaba is evergreen tree with white petals flowers and begins to produce berries when it is about ten years old. The fruits are round shaped and they have a hard skin and a succulent pulp. Jaboticaba tree prefers warm climates and the fruit is produced by the flower in a quite long period. Fruits are produced usually in clusters from the main branches.

Jaboticaba tree usually produces fruits for about five times per year. Jaboticaba fruits are similar to grapes except they have a thicker skin and it has a purple to black color. The gelatinous pulp has sub acid flavor similar to muscadine grapes.

Jaboticaba fruits are used for preparing jams, jellies and wine or they can be consumed raw, but only in small proportions because they have a high continence of tannin.

Jaboticaba Recipes Edit

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