Jackie's Party chili

Wash beans And Soak Overnight in water to Cover. Next Day, Simmer beans in The Same water For 2 Hours. Add tomatoes And Simmer 6 More Minutes. in a Skillet, Saut? The green peppers in The oil For 5 Minutes. Add onions And Cook Until Tender, Stirring Constantly. Add garlic And parsley And Continue to Cook For 5 Minutes. in Another Skillet, Add butter And Melt. Add Meat And Cook 15 Minutes or Until Crumbly. Add Meat to The Onion Mixture And Stir in The chili powder And Cook 10 Minutes. Add This to The beans With The Remaining Ingredients. Stir Well. Simmer Covered, Over Very Low Heat For 1 Hour. Now, Uncover And Cook 30 Minutes Longer. Refrigerate Overnight. to Serve, Remove Excess Fat From The Top of The chili And Reheat on The Top of The Stove Over Very Low Heat. This Teaks a Couple of Days to Make, But it is Well Worth The Effort. it Seems it Takes Two Days For All The Ingredients to Get to Know One Another. Also, if Freezes Beautifully. i am Never Quite Sure How Many This Will Serve The Way Everyone at my House Eats It. i Will Take a Wild Stab And Say 10.

Source: Come Into The Kitchen

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