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  1. MIX all the ingredients for the jalebi, except Sugar and oil, together.
  2. Add a little water to mix to a thick batter. Cover and set aside for 20 hours.
  3. Heat oil in a flat pan.
  4. Put the mixture in a cloth bag with a small hole and pour it into the hot oil in jalebi shape.
  5. When crisp, remove from oil and put it into the sugar syrup.
  6. Similarly make more jalebis with the remaining mixture.
  7. Blend in the Malibu with the rabri.
  8. Put a little Malibu flavoured rabri in a plate and place a jalebi over it.
  9. Garnish with coconut slices and cherries.
  10. NOTES : Jalebis served with Malibu flavoured rabri.
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