Tender and delightfully juicy Japanese beef grilled to perfection on an iron grill, paired with colorful cooked vegetables that are guaranteed to satisfy both your appetite and daily nutrition needs.


-          Japanese beef  100g

Japanese Beef KHK2

-          Mushrooms  20g

-          Bell pepper 20g

-          Baby corn 20g

-          Ladies’ fingers (okra) 20g

-          Carrots  20g

-          Snow peas 20g

-          Garlic 10g

-          Spring onion  5g

-          A little salt

-          A little [ black pepper]

-          Mirin 5ml

-          Sake 5ml

-          Dark soya sauce 5ml

-          Cooking oil 10ml


1. Stir-fry all the prepared vegetables in cooking oil with salt, pepper, [ soya sauce], mirin and sake.

2. In the teppanyaki pan, grill the beef and sprinkle it with salt and pepper and then cook to the desired ‘doneness’ (rare, medium, well done).

3. Put the beef and vegetables into a hot pan and serve with mayonnaise and spring onion sauce.

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