Jasmine rice

Name Variations Edit

  • Thai basmati rice
  • Thai jasmine rice

About jasmine rice Edit

Jasmine rice is the perfumed, stretched grain rice, originally grown in Thailand, and similar to Basmati rice. With an odor of popcorn and nutlike taste, this rice is an exceptional choice for stir-frying, salads, stuffing, pilaf, and desserts. This rice should be rinsed before cooking to rid of extra starch. The grains will cling when cooked, though having less amylopectin, it is less sticky than other rices. It is a very popular rice in Thai kitchen and it is used to prepare special Asian dishes, but is also an important part of diets. Jasmine rice is sold in both forms - brown and whte. The white rice sets off food savors extra distinctly, at the same time as brown rice has the superior fiber content and takes longer to cook. This rice is full in fiber, proteins, and carbohydrates and it is low in fats. This rice is frequently prepared without salt to balance the Thai flavors. The secret of perfect jasmine rice lies in the amount of water used in preparation. All the water should be wrapped up through cooking, leaving the rice solid and fluffy.

Jasmine rice Recipes Edit

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