Name variations Edit

  • Johnnycake
  • Jonnycake

Thought to be the precursor of the pancake, the johnnycake dates back to the early 1700s. It's a rather flat griddlecake made of cornmeal, salt and either boiling water or cold milk; there are strong advocates of both versions. Today's johnnycakes often have eggs, oil or melted butter and leavening (such as baking powder) added. Some renditions are baked in the oven, more like traditional cornbread.

A Johnny Cake is a fried dough about the size of and resembling an American hushpuppy. Served as a beginning course or like an appetizer with drinks, but a bit on the heavy side; so don't eat more than the standard order of two syrup, and sometimes cinnamon.

Recipes Edit

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