Name Variations Edit

  • saskatoon
  • serviceberry
  • shadberry

About Juneberry Edit

Juneberry or Saskatoon berry, known in botanic as Amelanchier alnifolia, is a part of genus Amelanchier and Rosaceae family. It grows in the northern hemisphere especially in Northwest Canada, Yukon, Britain and in some parts of Alaska. Juneberry is a bush or a tiny tree which generally reaches four meters high, with oval leaves and numerous white flowers which appear in the spring and produces small purple berries. Juneberry fruit is usually used for preparing jams, jellies, muffins, ice creams and puddings. There are many other uses of the juneberry plant. The tea made of juneberry roots is taken for stomach problems or it is used as a wash after childbirth. The petals, leaves and small stems are prepared and served as a regular beverage. Because they have an interesting appearance, juneberries are also used as ornaments. Juneberries can be found in supermarkets fresh, frozen or canned. There are numerous beverages made of juneberry and the most common are the juneberry wine, beer and cider. There are some juneberries which have a bad taste but the original juneberry has a taste similar to apple while the seeds have a nutty savor.

Juneberry Recipes Edit

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