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Duck curry

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Duck preparation Edit

  1. Plucked, gutted and cut into pieces as desired—these to be washed, sprinkled with salt and ground black pepper and left on a plate.

Coconut preparationEdit

  1. Opened and the meat grated by using a ka-tai kood mok-pao (a 'rabbit' for grating coconut) - then make the first extraction of cream, followed by the second and third extractions of milk, approximately enough to fill a large soup bowl.
  2. Put the coconut cream in a wok and place it on the fire.
  3. Leave it until the cream separates, and then add the kheuang hom.
  4. Stir until it gives off a good aroma.
  5. Next, put in the salted pieces of duck and stir until they have shrunk a bit.
  6. Add the fish sauce and curry powder.
  7. Stir some more and then add the second extraction of coconut milk and the potatoes.
  8. Put the lid on the wok.
  9. When the duck and potatoes are well done, taste, then dish up in a bowl, garnish with ground black pepper and chopped coriander leaves, and serve.
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