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  1. Mutton is cut in pieces 40-50 g each, washed, put in a pan, covered with cold water and put on fire. After water begins to boil scum is removed and the meat is boiled for 1-1,5 hours on slow fire. While meat is boiling dough is made. eggs are put in screened flour, salted water is poured in and all this is thoroughly mixed. The dough is left for 30–40 minutes, then thinly rolled, slightly dried up and cut in thin strips. 20 minutes before readiness the thinly cut noodles, slightly lied Onion and carrot are put in the broth and boiled to readiness.
  2. Before serving the table the noodle soup is poured out in soup-plates or kese, at wish seasoned with katyk and strewed with greens.
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