Kielbasa & cheese loaf POLISH


� c. Polana's Fresh Kielbasa/White Polish Sausage

� c. butter, melted

� c. grated Swiss cheese

1 egg, beaten

1 pkg. hot roll mix

� c. warm water.

Pour � cup warm water into bowl. Sprinkle yeast from roll mix

into water and stir until dissolved. Add beaten egg and mix

well. Blend in flour from box mix, Swiss cheese and kielbasa.

Blend until sticky dough ball forms. Cover and let rise about 45

minutes until double in size. Punch down. Work dough on floured

surface to form oblong roll. Place loaf onto greased cookie

sheet. Cover loosely and raise again 30 minutes. Brush top with

a teaspoon of melted butter then bake 400o F 30 minutes. Remove

and cool on rack.


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