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  • kirschwasser
  • cherry brandy
  • Schwarzwalder

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Kirschwasser (pronounced with the w as a v sound, like kirschvasser), often known simply as Kirsch, is a clear brandy made from double distillation of the fermented juice of a small black cherry. It is colorless because it is not aged in wood. The cherries used recently can be either sweet or sour, but in the past the sour morello cherry was used with the pit crushed down. The morello cherry was originally grown all around the Black Forest so that is believed to be where the drink originated from.

Clear alcoholic beverages made from distilled fruit juices are common in southern Germany, western Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. In addition to Kirschwasser, typical drinks of this sort include Obstler (distilled from apple, or a mixture of apple and pear), Zwetschgenwasser (plums) and Himbeergeist (raspberries). Such spirits are also distilled in France and French-speaking Switzerland, where they are known as eau de vie ("water of life", the same term that is the root of the words akvavit and whisky).

Unlike cherry liqueurs, Kirschwasser is not sweet. The best Kirschwassers have a highly refined taste with subtle flavors of cherry. Kirschwasser can be found in such mixed drinks as the Lady Finger, Florida Cocktail, and Black Forest.

The name is German and means "cherry water". {Kirsch} dating back to vulgar Latins (ceresia) meaning cherry, and {Wasser} from old high German (wassar) meaning water.

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