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Name variations Edit

  • Japanese prawn

About Kuruma (Japanese) Prawn Edit

Kuruma prawn, scientifically known as Penaeus japonicus, is a subtropical prawn. Kuruma can be found in the Indian and the western pacific oceans. Kuruma prawns usually live on sandy soils and the soil has to be covered with at least ten or fifteen centimeters of sand. They can be found at the oceans openings at ten to forty meters depth. During the day, kuruma prawns usually burrow in sand and during the night they are generally feeding themselves and sprawling. Kuruma Japanese prawns survive by feeding themselves with smaller fish and other aquatic organisms as well as with squid. They are medium creatures which inhabit the sandy bottom of the oceans. Kuruma prawn have an extended body are the skin is generally colored with white and brown to red strips. They have long and thin membranes which help them to walk on the sand. The tail ends on four petal-shaped fins which are usually a mixture of yellow and blue. Kuruma Japanese prawns are generally found in Japan and Australia where there were arranged special places to rear this type of prawns which are used in the international cuisine.

Kuruma prawn Recipes Edit

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