Lagoon Crab Curry

Lagoon Crab is one of the staple seafood dishes in Sri Lanka. The dish is so popular you can even find it served at exquisite restaurant properties. With a little bit of culinary know-how and with a combination of spices and simple ingredients you can prepare this dish from the comfort of your home. Find below the recipe for this decadent dish.


·         Lagoon crab                                          700gm

·         Drumstick Leaves                                  10gm

·         Onion                                                   30gm

·         Turmeric                                                5gm

·         Garlic                                                    30gm

·         Mustard cream                                      10gm

·         Ginger                                                  30gm

·         Fresh Coconut milk                               1 cup

·         Green Chilli                                           15gm

·         Vegetable oil                                        5gm

·         Lemongrass                                        10gm

·         Black Pepper                                        5gm

·         Tamarind                                               10gm

·         Table Salt for taste                               

·         Curry Leaves                                         5gm

·         Chilli powder                                         5gm

·         Curry powder                                        5gm


·         Wash the Crabs thoroughly and drain any excess water.

·         Marinate the crabs with chilli, curry powder, and turmeric leaves

·         Refrigerate the marinade for some time

·         Heat the vegetable oil

·         Mix Onions, Garlic, Curry leaves and sauté

·         Add the marinated lagoon crabs and coconut milk and simmer for 10 minutes.

·         Make sure to stir regularly as it gently simmers until the crabs are cooked through.

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