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Laing is equally famous and tasty as the Bicol Express. It is another best dish Bicol (a Region in the philippines) is taking pride of. Its texture is smooth and it milky because of the gata (coconut milk) . The kick is in the end. Once you swallow the laing that's when the taste of spiciness takes over your mouth. Simply wonderful!



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In a saucepan, heat oil. Saute the garlic, ginger and Onion. Add the alamang and siling labuyo. Add Pork stir until cooked. Add cream or coconut milk. Add gabi leaves.

Don't mix. Simmer until almost dry but oily. Serve.

Add salt and pepper as desired. Best served the day-after since flavors of ingredients have neutralized. Gabi leaves should be dried under the sun before cooking.

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