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This dish is typical of Singapore cuisine, a Chinese adaptation of Malay curry, and a further combination with yet another Hakka Chinese dish Yong Tao Foo,


Laksa Yong Tao Foo

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  1. Boil shrimp and devein, shell and set aside.
  2. (boil chicken, remove bones, skin and slice into desired size) soak rice noodle in hot water.
  3. Boil briefly if necessary.
  4. Fry rempah in oil, add dried shrimp and fry till fragrant.
  5. Add stock, lemon grass, laos and bring to boil.
  6. Add tao pok, fish balls, coconut milk and cook.
  7. Season with salt and fish sauce.
  8. Add tomatoes, cook a further few minutes and the sauce it's ready.
  9. Briefly cook cockles in the sauce before serving.
  10. Put noodles in bowl, add sauce together with tao pok, fish balls/chicken and chopped laksa leaves and serve.
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