A fast, dry alternative to pan-frying for cooking tender cuts is by using intense radiant heat either above or below the meat. The barbecuing seals the meat juices by forming a crust on the surface of the meat, which it gives a special taste. The meat must be basted with a prepared glaze, butter, oil or reserved marinade mixture. This gives a distinctive flavor to your beef or lamb and keeps the meat moist and succulent. Only turn your steaks once during cooking; leaving them to cook untouched will produce juicier results. If you use a griddle pan add a little oil on both sides of your steaks, chops or cutlets and ensure the dry pan is really hot before frying. Baking is another method to prepare lamb chump chops; this method employs dry cooking in the oven – either in a roasting tin or in a sealed container or foil ‘packet’. For wonderfully tender meat, choose a clay or terracotta ‘brick’ which effectively creates a clay oven within your oven. As the oven heats, steam condenses in the pot, basting the meat in its own juices. The end result is moist, tender, full of flavor and naturally cooked with no extra fat.

Lamb chump chop Recipes Edit

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